Island Hopping

Hop on Bulalacao's white-sand islets, do water sports, commune with the local Mangyans and wake the inner nature lover in you; the adventure never ends. Please click here for the list of our Tour Packages. 

Island Hopping
Water Activities
Island Hopping

Bulalacao´s islands are rich with white-sand beaches that definitely should be on your itinerary. Southdrive offers Island Hopping tour of Bulalacao's southern islands; Target, Aslom and Silad Islands.



Water Sports

Enjoy the afternoon in peace in one of our Filipino-inspired huts while you sip `Barako´ coffee or do some water activities in Bulalacao Bay. Try the parasailing in the afternoon and enjoy the view while the sun sets.


Bulalacao's calm bay is safe to kayak and a good way to spend your afternoons exploring the nearby beaches.