Frequently asked questions

How to get to Southdrive

To get here, please visit our Contact & Location.

Can I cook in Southdrive?

Southdrive Restaurant has scrumptious and affordable meals. We do not allow cooking of food in the premises to maintain the cleanliness and as respect to other guests.

Do you have videoke?

We do not offer videoke as to not disturb other resting guests. At peak season, we do invite musicians to play music at Southdrive to entertain guests. If you wish to avail this, let us know.

What is your reservation policy?

We require 50% of the total booking as a reservation fee to reserve the room/boat for you. Please pay your reservation fee within 3 days upon confirmation of your booking. If you are not able to pay the reservation on this time, the room/boat will be offered to other guests. You may, of course, be accepted walking-in depending on availability.

What food do you serve in Southdrive?

We offer affordable Filipino-favorite meals here in Southdrive! Please visit our Food & Dining page for a copy of our Menu.