It all started with a song…

As a family who appreciates music, we started Southdrive one lazy Saturday afternoon while sitting on an old wooden bench in a vacant allotment across the house. With the guitar, we started strumming the favorite Mike Mclellan song, The One I Love. This weekend was followed by more weekends, humming and strumming the folk and country songs we all loved. This has been on until neighbors joined in and appreciates the feeling, the conversations and the songs while enjoying a few drinks and of course,  “pulutan” (appetizer taken with alcoholic beverages).​

Three Huts in Southdrive Beach Resort

With the increasing crowd to this weekend activity, three small huts made up of bamboo, nipa, buri, and woods from the old houses worn out by typhoons were built. The place was formally launched on May 19, 2006, rustic themed and named South Drive Grill.


Serving family-favorite and local delicacies from Bulalacao with acoustic nights, the restaurant gained popularity by word of mouth not just in Bulalacao. Guests and friends from Calapan City and the rest of Oriental Mindoro started to visit the place. Southdrive became the favored place to dine in town for local and foreign tourists alike. 

Sunrise at Southdrive

In the dramatic boom of tourism in Bulalacao, the need for accommodations was felt. It was then that we opened homestay rooms to people who would like to explore the town, the islands and the food.  Some became our good friends up to this date and have since come back to visit Bulalacao again. In 2014, we moved to our new location 1.5 kilometers from the old Southdrive. The new location has a beachfront, with portion uphill overlooking the bay. New Southdrive Beach Resort was designed to cater to guests who would want rest and a quiet place to stay.

And this is our story...

"Thank you for accommodating us South Drive.
Many thanks to Kuyas (boatmen) who gave their best throughout the activity. We had so much fun and It's so sure that we will come back there again." -Ms. Leah Mendoza

"We would like to send our deepest Thanks. We have a wonderful stay at Southdrive Beach Resort. My Family had fun and enjoyed our quick stay.
You have an excellent service and accommodating employees.
We will surely come back with other friends.And your resort is absolutely recommended"

"Upon arrival, Tita Ching welcomed us with a warm serving of dinuguan (pork blood stew) and puto (rice cake). Not usually included in the package but Tita Ching was just so sweet enough to treat us to a welcome "merienda."